Containing to the unknown factor is not easy with the demand of new APIs and HPAPIs in the marketplace. For decades, we have designed and manufactured solutions with performance well beyond the anticipated containment level, for this very reason. Many of our units are in the field years later, handling more potency with every new drug. Investing in high performance containment technology will saver you time, energy, and expense during drug development.
OEB 3-5

Perkin Elmer Janus G-3

Perkin Elmer Janus G-3 Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection and odor abatement during load & go operation with Janus G3. Polypropylene superstructure with base

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Chemical Fume Hoods

CHEMICAL FUME HOOD Provides better containment, VAV is installed Save over 60% of energy with the SAF T FLOWTM Fume Hood Series Great ANSI/ASHRAE 110 containment

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Hybrid Isolator

HYBRID ISOLATOR Dual Purpose Contained Vented Enclosure Removable Glove Panel for Multiple Processes Applications Two-Speed Fan Adjusts Face Opening Air Velocity Surrogate Powder Testing Below

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Particle Analysis Suite

Professionals in the field of laboratory sciences occasionally encounter a situation where they must enclose several processes requiring the manipulation of product in two or

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Glovebox Workstation

GLOVEBOX WORKSTATION​ Consider Sustainability Designed for working with HPAPI, ADCs, Oncology, and more HEPA inlet filter for internal ISO 5 or better interior Surrogate Powder

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