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Micromeretics Autopore Analytical Booth Enclosure

Introducing our specialized booth-style enclosure, meticulously crafted to facilitate precise analytical porosity tests in material science applications. This ingeniously designed interior space is optimized to accommodate a Micromeritics Autopore V porosimeter, with ample room for a convenient work surface.

In terms of construction, our enclosure boasts a robust white polypropylene superstructure paired with crystal-clear acrylic viewing panels. The work surface, constructed from a chemically resistant phenolic resin mixture, ensures durability but effectively contains spills within the enclosure. Additionally, we’ve incorporated specialized membranes around the cutout, tailored to the Micromeritics enclosure, to prevent any mercury spillage from breaching containment.

To enhance accessibility and ease of maintenance, our design includes both right and left-acrylic access doors for equipment servicing during non-operational hours. We advise consulting your onsite safety office to ensure adherence to the correct cleaning Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before breaking containment.

Discover the epitome of precision, safety, and reliability with our custom enclosure – the ideal solution for your material science applications. Elevate your analytical capabilities today!

For a detailed list of specs, features, and FAT results, please contact your local Flow Sciences representative.

Exterior Dimensions:
60.25” Width
44” Depth
90.93” Height

Work Area Dimensions:
28.50” Width
25.02” Depth
28.51” Height

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