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Our Story

For over 30 years, our unwavering mantra has been
Our Highest Quality Ensures Your Excellent Results

We are more than a business – we’re guardians of safety and innovation across various industries by providing containment solutions. Our journey is driven by a resolute commitment to safety, performance, and engineering excellence, ensuring a secure environment for personnel and product alike.

Our innovation is proven by our history of creative solutions, such as our Vented Balance Safety Enclosure (VBSE™). Its independent fan exhaust system ensures precise balance accuracy by removing vibrations from the work surface. We have expanded our offerings to include framed enclosure solutions that offer superior product and personnel protection. Thanks to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we have a vast array of engineered solutions available as standard solutions.

Pharma and Biopharma projects, driven by engineering and consulting firms, continue to grow, demanding efficient safety protocols. This is where Flow Sciences excels as the trusted containment provider for leading design and engineering firms worldwide.

Reproducibility is our priority, reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 certification for production quality. Each unique unit undergoes factory acceptance testing before leaving our facility. We continually strive to engineer new enclosures and containment systems to accommodate the latest advanced equipment and processes on the market.

From convertible enclosures for varying API toxicity levels to task-specific designs for equipment like Malvern, Mettler, Sympatec, and Carver Press, we have the engineering expertise and production capabilities to cater to diverse needs. At Flow Sciences, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional containment solutions.

Kind Regards, 

Raymond Ryan

Ray Ryan | Founder & CEO
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