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Open Face Micromeritics Mercury Enclosure

Discover the exceptional protection offered by our Open Face Micromeritics Mercury Enclosure, designed specifically for analytical applications involving mercury-based materials. With this enclosure, your personal safety is our top priority. The spacious interior workspace easily accommodates a Micromeritics® AutoPore V, providing ample room for your dispensing work.

Rest assured, our Open Face Micromeritics Mercury Enclosure has undergone rigorous testing during FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) to ensure its containment meets and exceeds ASHRAE 110 standards. For more detailed information, feel free to consult your dedicated Flow Sciences representative.

Built to last, this enclosure boasts a durable polypropylene superstructure and acrylic viewing panels, offering both durability and clear visibility. The black lab-grade phenolic resin base is thoughtfully designed with dished edges to contain any spills that may occur. To further enhance safety, the enclosure is equipped with two dual-stack carbon filtration units, providing reliable filtration.

Enjoy the convenience and functionality of our Open Face Micromeritics Mercury Enclosure, packed with features tailored to meet your needs. Illuminate your workspace with the LED Light Tube, and easily integrate additional equipment through the two 4″ IRIS Ports. The left-side continuous liner port simplifies material handling, while the Side Mounted Light Switch ensures effortless operation. Customize the enclosure to your requirements using the two Blank Accessory Plates. Stay informed with the two Minihelic Pressure Differential Gauges, and rely on the FS1650 Face Velocity Alarm for added safety.

Experience peace of mind and enhanced productivity with our Open Face Micromeritics Mercury Enclosure, a reliable solution designed to safeguard your well-being during mercury-related analytical applications.

Overall Dimensions:
  • Height: 86.73 in
  • Width: 90.75 in
  • Depth: 37.00 in





Micromeritics AutoPore V

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