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SAF T FLOW™ Fume Hood

Superior Engineering, Assembly & Performance

Our SAF T FLOWTM fume hood series contains processes that create fumes, particulate, and dust. Secondarily, these fume hoods protect users from application hazards such as fires, chemical spills, and adverse reactions. Their durable construction ensures containment under a wide range of applications. It’s modular construction enables easy access to valve configurations and plumbing for easy modifications.


Processes include research chemistry, chemical synthesis, acid etching, petroleum synthesis or analysis, mineral diagnostic, and many more.


Conforms with ASHRAE–110 standards. Additional testing shows excellent vapor and powder containment during processes following ISPE guidelines.


Accommodates glassware, heating mantels, weighing devices, packaging equipment, pressure bombs, distillation columns, ovens, pumps, RF heaters, etc.


Applications & Materials

The SAF T FLOW™ fume hood series is expertly crafted to handle APIs and various toxic powders. Built from heavy-gauge steel, the fume hood is robust enough to support its entire weight, ensuring safety in diverse applications.

Design & Durability

Boasting a glass sash and sash bypass, with outer panels made of powder-coated stainless steel, the design ensures longevity. A chain drive, complemented by a counterweight system, guarantees at least 50,000 easy-lift sash cycles.

Airflow & Containment

The Overlapping Sash Bypass (OSB) employs bypass air to efficiently clear fumes. Tests from 100 FPM to 60 FPM have confirmed consistent containment performance, regardless of sash position, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Interior & Maintenance

The interior is accentuated by a stabilizing baffle, which promotes even airflow. This baffle, having slots on both X and Y axes, is removable, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance.

Base & Safety

The standard phenolic resin base, with its channeled edges, effectively contains spills. This base not only offers chemical resistance but also ease of replacement, enhancing the hood’s overall safety features.

Standard Sizes

This series caters to varied width requirements, available in standard widths ranging from 3′-10′. Custom dimensions are available based on need.

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Over the years, we built an inventory of unique enclosures engineered to handle specific tasks. To offer you a better experience we have gathered these enclosures on one page. Simply search by the task or equipment to find matching enclosures.


Over the years, we built an inventory of unique enclosures engineered to handle specific tasks. To offer you a better experience we have gathered these enclosures on one page. Simply search by the task or equipment to find matching enclosures.


Effective against chemical vapors generated during processes including reflux, distillation, flash chromatography, evaporation, etc.


Unique design includes a bypass system using air entrapped by the hood to actively engage, contain, and exhaust fumes from the containment area. 


Similar overall design structure used in standard sizes to simplify lab planning, layout, and HVAC coordination. 

Fume Hood Series

Overlapping Sash Bypass (OSB)

The overlapping sash bypass provides better containment and never needs to be removed or replaced if Variable Air Volume conservation systems are retrofitted into an existing SAF T Flow installation. In all exhaust applications, bypass air does productive work clearing fumes from behind the sash and means all exhausted air does containment work at all times.

We have tested our OSB from 100 FPM full open sash down to 60 FPM at 18″ sash opening with ASHRAE 110 containment equipment and cannot tell any difference in containment performance at any selected face velocity or opening with this range. Breathing zone containment from 0.005ppm down to undetectable.

Slide-out Top System

The slide-out feature allows complete top replacement without lifting the fume hood superstructure and disconnecting plumbing or ductwork.


Slots oriented in both X and Y axis promote even airflow back into the hood interior, from the top to the bottom of the sash opening. The rear baffle is removable for easy cleaning.


Detachment knobs make for quick scaffolding setup and easy rear baffle removal for cleaning.


Used for safe cord routing and air flow direction.


14 – 18 gauge framing system and #35 steel chain drive will run 500,000 cycles without breaking.

Custom Hoods

Flow Sciences has a team of engineers to design and manufacture a custom containment solution for your specific application

After production, FSI tests these enclosures in an on-site laboratory, and can also arrange 3rd party testing for Factory Acceptance Testing.

  • Epoxy-painted steel construction
  • Single intermediate shelf supplied
  • Epoxy-painted steel construction
  • Interior lined with 3mm FRP panel
  • Single intermediate shelf supplied
  • Single intermediate shelf supplied
  • Double Steel Wall Construction
  • All flammable cabinets are built according to the construction standards expressed in NFPA 30: Section 9.5.2(2)

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