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Leica Plunge Freezer Enclosure

Our Leica Plunge Freezer Enclosure offers personnel protection during freezing applications using an ethane medium with the possibility of some samples containing live bacteria and viruses. The interior workspace is large enough to house a Leica® EM GP2 Automatic Plunge Freezer used to dispense the samples. Containment is tested and proven with ASHRAE 110 standards during our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

This enclosure has a durable polypropylene outer frame with clear acrylic viewing panels and a black lab-grade phenolic base, dished to contain spills. Two iris ports allow additional power wires or lines to enter the enclosure without breaking containment. A face velocity alarm is included in this system to alert when the air velocity drops below a safe operating level.

Additional features include removable front sliding doors to provide enough clearance for equipment and sample trays to enter the workspace, a powder-coated rolling cart table, single HEPA filtration that connects to house exhaust, and an FS1650 face velocity alarm.

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Overall Height: 95.47 in
  • Overall Width: 49.04 in
  • Overall Depth: 32.14 in
Interior Dimension:
  • Interior Height: 40.69 in
  • Interior Width: 45.75 in
  • Interior Depth: 30.62 in





Leica® EM GP2 Automatic Plunge Freezer

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