Top Mount-Bulk Powder

Top Mount Enclosure


Handling and manipulation of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and other toxic materials.


Heavily dependent on potency and quantity of the toxic material processed, this unit can contain a wide variety of OEL levels.


Provides adequate containment for a variety of equipment including balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, and more.

Top Mount Enclosure

Ventilated Balance Enclosure

Flow Sciences’ Vented Balance Enclosure with Bag-in/Bag-out filtration is engineered to provide a safe, stable working environment in laboratory settings. The 30” deep base accommodates larger micro and analytical balances and the gentle, non-turbulent airflow maintains stable balance readouts and limits loss of materials. Internal plenums and mounted aerodynamic airfoils around the face opening ensure smooth, horizontal airflow pattern across the work surface.


This unit uses airfoils and plenums to create laminar airflow across the work surface to reduce eddies and turbulence. The top mounted exhaust system with dual 4” HEPA filters (or carbon filters) can be recirculated into the lab or vented out through building exhaust.


This series provides containment for various benchtop/scale up and nanotechnology applications. Our engineered controls assist in the prevention of containment loss. Third Party testing has proven containment on these units to below 1 μg/m3, based on process and quantity.

Vibration Isolation

Through engineering controls and intuitive design, the vibration of the fan does not transfer to the work surface, allowing for accuracy in weighing and other sensitive applications.

Phenolic Base

The chemically resistant phenolic base is dished to maintain spills and protects the work surface from harmful chemicals.

Acrylic Walls

The clear acrylic are used for increased ambient light transmission.


This series includes a face velocity alarm that comes standard on all units. A visual and audible alarm alerts the operator when airflow is compromised. The air velocity is measured at the face opening to be the most accurate.

Sizing & Options

Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot standard width options. Custom sizing  is available.

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