VBSE – Vented Balance Safety Enclosure



Designed for handling and manipulation of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and other toxic materials where personnel protection is required.


Containment ability is dependent on the potency and quantity of the toxic material processed. This unit can contain a wide variety of OEL(B) levels.


Provides adequate containment for a variety of equipment including balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, flash chromatography, rotovaps, and more

ISO 5 Cleanliness for API Processing


This small and compact unit allows you to provide personnel safety at a reduced footprint. It is a versatile and lightweight unit, making it perfect for small labs where space is at a premium. Containment results vary depending on the quantity and toxicity of materials handled within the workspace. Please ask your Flow Sciences representative for specific containment data and results.


The VBSE™ series can contain and expel vapors through a portable filtration system or house exhaust. Vapors are pulled in from the face opening and directed towards the rear of the enclosure. The air is pulled through a plenum to keep airflow consistent and stable across the work surface, effectively offering personnel protection and stability for balance operations.


The lightweight construction and minimal footprint afford you flexibility with your lab space. The VBSE™ is compact enough to fit in smaller lab spaces without affecting its containment capability.


The VBSE™ has several exhaust configurations. A standard plenum option will include an upward-facing exhaust, allowing easy connection to house exhaust ducts. An inverted plenum option includes a downward-facing exhaust, making it easier to attach a portable filtration system to suit your OEB needs.


Our standard enclosures include a chemically resistant phenolic resin base for added peace of mind. The edge of the base is dished to contain spills within the work area and help prevent containment breaches.


The outer structure is built with durable polypropylene walls that add rigidity and shelf life to our enclosures. Our standard viewing panels are constructed using clear acrylic, and we offer glass options for a higher chemical resistance during our design/build process.


We offer our VBSE™ in standard 2’, 3’, and 4’ options that allow quick lead times but can always design custom dimensions to accommodate your application.

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