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Bulk Powder QC Sampling Enclosure

Our Bulk Powder QC Sampling Enclosure offers personnel protection during small weighing and sampling applications of bulk powder materials. This enclosure is specifically for sampling and QC applications. Small samples of powder material are taken from bulk containers and placed in small vials for testing by a QC lab. Containment is proven using ASHRAE 110 testing standards.

This enclosure is a clear-acrylic construction with a white back and plenum panels. The base is a black lab-grade phenolic base, dished around the edges to contain spills. The base features a 24″ diameter bulk powder cutout with a cover and membrane set. The table shown is a manual ADA lift table that raises or lowers to make loading and unloading bulk containers easier.

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Overall Height: 30.00 in
  • Overall Width: 59.75 in
  • Overall Depth: 39.00 in
Interior Dimension:
  • Interior Height: 29.15 in
  • Interior Width: 55.79 in
  • Interior Depth: 32.46 in





Mettler-Toledo Balances

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