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Aseptic Solutions

Containment for Aseptic & Solid Dose Campaigns

Flow Sciences, Inc. is proud to partner with IsoTech Design, allowing us to bring you turnkey Aseptic Solutions. We now offer Barrier isolators, RABS, micro-environments, and clean air environment solutions for the hospital and pharmaceutical industries.

Solutions For Small to large volumes

Turnkey Aseptic Solutions

Our partnership with IsoTech

IsoTech Design specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey barrier isolators, RABS, microenvironments, and clean air environments solutions for the following markets:

  • Hospitals & Pharmacies: MicroSphere, ChemoSphere, hormone, and powder Compounding.
  • Pharmaceutical: Aseptic filling, sterility testing, and powder containment.

All primary engineering control (PEC) equipment has been validated and certified to the respective norms and regulations.

Aseptic solutions offer

  • High level of sterility assurance and operator exposure level (OEL)
  • Microorganisms and particle contamination controls
  • USP 797 compliance for sterile and chemo compounding
  • cGMP and FDA compliance for aseptic processing

Isolators, RABS and microenvironment systems provide a cost-effective solution versus traditional cleanrooms. We work very closely with our customers to design barrier systems that meet their needs and all the regulatory requirements.

About IsoTech

Since 1994, IsoTech Design is a leading designer and manufacturer of USP <797> clean air solutions, such as isolators and modular cleanrooms. IsoTech has been serving pharmacies for 20 years in sterile compounding, chemo compounding, hormone compounding and sterility testing. IsoTech has over 1000 certified facilities across the United States & Canada, who are using clean air solutions for sterile and chemo compounding while complying with the USP <797>, their state board of pharmacies, OSHA and NIOSH regulations and requirements. Also, pharmacy facilities in 15 countries & 5 continents use IsoTech clean air solutions, which have been validated and certified according to their respective norms and regulations.

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