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Top Mount N9 Load & Go Enclosure

Our N9 Load & Go Enclosure is a specialized containment unit that’s designed to protect laboratory personnel from potentially harmful materials used in load-and-go applications, including powder and liquid substances. The enclosure features hinged top doors that are large enough to introduce a North Robotics N9 and a Mettler-Toledo Quantos Ionizer for maximum safety and efficiency.

The enclosure has been tested and proven to meet ASHRAE 110 standards during our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). The front and sides of the enclosure are made of clear acrylic panels, while the back panel and plenums are made of white acrylic. The black lab-grade phenolic base is designed to contain spills, and small side-access doors allow easy access for equipment maintenance and cleaning between applications.

Additional features of this enclosure include White & Yellow LED Lights for optimal visibility, a 1.5″ Sanitary Fitting, 2x 4″ IRIS Ports, 2x blank plates, Minihelic Pressure Differential Gauges for accurate monitoring, BIBO Filter Change-Out for easy filter replacement, Integrated FS1650 Alarm for safety compliance, and dual-HEPA filtration units that connect to house exhaust for effective ventilation.

Overall, the N9 Load & Go Enclosure is a reliable and comprehensive solution for laboratory managers and safety professionals who need to ensure the safety of their team while performing load-and-go applications with hazardous materials.

Interior Dimension:

  • Interior Height: 35.91 in
  • Interior Width: 56.04 in
  • Interior Depth: 29.56 in





Northern Robotics N9, Mettler-Toledo Quanto Ionizer

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