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Mettler Toledo Balance Enclosure for Photosensitive Materials

Our specialized photosensitive balance enclosure is designed to protect laboratory personnel from potentially harmful powders during weighing applications. The enclosure features hinged top doors that provide easy access to introduce a Mettler-Toledo balance.

What sets this enclosure apart is the use of amber acrylic panels on the front and sides, which are specifically designed to protect photosensitive materials. The enclosure has undergone rigorous testing and has proven to meet ASHRAE 110 standards during our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). The back panel and plenums are made of white acrylic, while the black lab-grade phenolic base contains spills, and small side-access doors allow easy equipment maintenance and cleaning.

Additional features include White & Amber LED Lights for optimal visibility, Minihelic Pressure Differential Gauges to monitor filter load, BIBO Filter Change-Out for safe filter replacement, and dual-HEPA filtration units that connect to house exhaust for effective ventilation.

Overall, the photosensitive balance enclosure is a reliable and comprehensive solution for laboratory managers and safety professionals who need to protect their team from harmful powders, with the added benefit of amber acrylic for photosensitive materials.

Interior Dimension:

  • Interior Height: 26.90 in
  • Interior Width: 70 in
  • Interior Depth: 24.82 in

Exterior Dimension:

  • Exterior Height: 56 in
  • Exterior Width: 72 in
  • Exterior Depth: 30 in





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