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CTX Texture Analyzer/Analytical Balance Sliding Door Enclosure

This custom sliding door enclosure is engineered for personnel protection during applications involving powder materials. The containment space is sufficiently large to accommodate a CTX Texture Analyzer and an analytical balance.

The unit features a polypropylene superstructure with clear acrylic viewing panels and four sliding doors. It includes left and right-side access doors, each paired with 3” iris ports, and a chemically resistant phenolic resin base, dished to contain spills within the containment zone. The top-mounted fan, paired with dual-stack HEPA filters in a BIBO housing, ensures proper filtration with options to exhaust through house connections or recirculate back into the room.

The FS1650 alarm system monitors face air velocities to ensure containment during operation, and minihelic gauges track pressure differentials to determine filter loads.

For a detailed list of specs, features, and FAT results, please contact your local Flow Sciences representative.

Exterior Dimensions:
50” Width
30” Depth
60” Height

Interior Dimensions:
45.75” Width
23.85” Depth
30” Height

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