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Acrylic API/HPAPI Hybrid Enclosure

Our Acrylic API/HPAPI Hybrid Enclosure provides personnel protection for applications using APIs and HPAPIs. It offers a lateral workflow with a continuous liner on the left side and a waste chute at the base of the enclosure. The glove port draft shield is removable to make it easy for equipment, such as a Mettler-Toledo Balance, to enter the workspace. Containment is tested against ASHRAE 110 standards.

The enclosure structure is clear acrylic with a white back panel and plenum, offering maximum visibility. The base is a black lab-grade phenolic resin, dished at the edges to contain spills.

Additional features include 2x Dual-HEPA filter housings w/ BIBO Change-Out Systems, Pressure Differential Gauges on Filter Housings, a 12″ Stainless Steel Continuous Liner Port, a 12″ Sanitary Fitting Connection Kit, and an Integrated FS1650 Face Velocity Alarm.

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Overall Height: 52.32 in
  • Overall Width: 59.75 in
  • Overall Depth: 30.00 in
Interior Dimension:
  • Interior Height: 26.91 in
  • Interior Width: 58.04 in
  • Interior Depth: 26.11 in





Mettler-Toledo Balances

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