EHP_Hybrid Isolator2

Hybrid Isolator


Weighing, dispensing, dissolution, compound, or handling of APIs and/or HPAPIs where personnel protection is required.


Dependent on potency and quantity of the toxic material being processed, this unit can contain to nanogram levels and from OEB 3–5.


Provides adequate containment for a variety of equipment including balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, and more. 

Dual Purpose Glovebox and Vented Enclosure


The Hybrid Isolator series provides containment for highly toxic applications using APIs and HPAPIs. Engineered controls assist in the prevention of containment loss. Third-party testing has proven containment on these units to below 50ng/m³, dependent on application and quantity.

Removable Glove Panel

An ingenious design allows the Hybrid Isolator to operate under containment with or without the glove panel. This ability allows its use in various processes depending on the application and quantity of the materials. It also provides flexibility for lab work with varying OEB (Occupational Exposure Banding) levels offering two enclosures in one package.

Dual Fan Speed

A two-speed fan automatically switches between high and low speed depending on if the glove panel is attached or detached. 

Universal Side/Transfer Port

Side port with universal options including double-safe waste chute, continuous liner, RTP port, and more, available through customization. (The side port and transfer port can be placed on either side.) The transfer port provides ingress and egress of materials into and out of the enclosure without exposing the interior environment to contamination.


This unit gives the option of using acrylic (EHP Series) or glass (EHG Series) for the viewing panels. The superstructure is built using polypropylene and the dished phenolic resin base is designed to contain any spills.

Dual Hepa Filtration

The Hybrid Isolator system is equipped with primary and secondary 4” HEPA filters that can be recirculated into the lab or vented out through building exhaust.

Sizing & Options

The Hybrid Isolator is available in 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′ foot standard width options. All units are 30” deep with 27” of internal height. Custom sizes available.

Popular Configurations


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