Glovebox Workstation

LFBC™ Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator for HPAPI Processing


Weighing, dispensing, dissolution or handling of APIs and/or HPAPIs where personnel protection is required.


Reaches containment measured in nanogram levels and from OEB 3–5, depending on application and quantity.


Provides adequate containment for equipment including balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, and more. 

Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator


The Glovebox Workstation provides containment for highly toxic applications using APIs, and HPAPIs, that need higher safety standards than an open face enclosure. Our engineered controls assist in the prevention of containment loss. Third-party testing has proven containment on these units to below 30ng/m³, dependent on application and quantity.

ISO 5 Cleanliness

The side mounted HEPA filter inlet creates a clean interior working environment that meets or exceeds ISO 5 for clean processing work.

Universal Side/Transfer Port

Side port with universal options including double-safe waste chute, continuous liner, RTP port, and more, available through customization. (The side port and transfer port can be placed on either side.) The transfer port provides ingress and egress of materials into and out of the enclosure without exposing the interior environment to contamination.


This unit gives the option of using acrylic (EGP Series) or glass (EGG Series) for the viewing panels. The superstructure is built using polypropylene and the dished phenolic resin base is designed to contain any spills.

LED Light

An internal white LED light provides improved visibility inside of the enclosure with adjustable angles to direct light into the workspace. Also available in Amber LED.

HEPA Filtration

Equipped with a 4” inlet HEPA filter and 2 primary and 2 secondary 4” HEPA filters that can be recirculated into the lab or vented out through building exhaust.

Front Lift Door

The glove ports sit in a front lift door that opens vertically to effectively load and unload equipment. This door is hinged for ease of use.

Standard Sizes

Available in 5’, 6’, and 7’ foot standard width options. All units are 36” deep and 24” of internal height. Customization available.

Popular Configurations


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Build Options

Product Type Style Material Ext. Width Ext. Depth Internal Height Base Exhaust / Filtration Voltage / Filter / Alarm Options
E – Enclosure G – Glovebox P – Poly (Acrylic viewing panels) 48" 30"
A – Standard B – Fab/BIBO D – 110-120v
HEPA Filter/
Integrate Alarm
0 – Pass Thru Left, Filter Right
G – Poly (Glass viewing panels 60" E – 4" Tri-Clover Male G – Mesh Fan/BIBO F – 220-240v
HEPA Filter/
Integrated Alarm
1 – Pass Thru Right, Filter Left
72" F – No Base (must be purchased separately) I – 110-120v
ULPA Filter/
Integrated Alarm
J – 220-240v
ULPA Filter/
Integrated Alarm


Side Port Options
Blank Plate No side port needed blank-plate
Continuous Liner Designed to eliminate cross contamination of powders, protecting the person, plant, and product. Long lengths of pre-packaged liners reduce operator labor. Continuous Liner
RTP Alpha Port Accommodates a 105mm RTP Alpha port for connecting various betas or other containers. Getinge-DPTE-Alpha
Transfer Box Polypropylene construction with access door to move materials in/out of the enclosure. EHP-Transfer-1
Customized Master Port The blank plate can be customized to install iris ports, services, transfer systems, and more. Service-and-Iris-Port


Berkshire Cleaning Kit Contact Flow Sciences for kit description Berkshire Cleaning Kit

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