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Analytical Process Isolator

Analytical Process Isolator™ Process The glovebox allows for ISO 5 processes. The VBE section allows a secondary cleaning station before removing equipment or containers. Containment

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Terms & Conditions

PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS/SERVICES. FLOW agrees to provide Customer all of the Products and/or Services described on the proceeding page(s) of this Agreement. Customer shall provide

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Glossary of Terms

Acid A compound which, when dissolved in water gives a pH of less than 7.0 or donates a hydrogen ion. Acid Transfer Enclosure A Flow

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FSI Advantage

COST OF OWNERSHIP LESS DOWNTIME, MORE PRODUCTIVITY. Flow Sciences, a leading provider of containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities, delivers low cost

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Popular Containment Systems

Glovebox Workstation

Glovebox Workstation LFBC™ Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator for HPAPI Processing Contact Our Experts Today Process Weighing, dispensing, dissolution or handling of APIs and/or HPAPIs

Hybrid Isolator

Dual Purpose Glovebox & Vented Enclosure Contact Our Experts Process Weighing, dispensing, dissolution, compound, or handling of APIs and/or HPAPIs where personnel protection is required.

Chemical Fume Hoods

Saf-t Flow™ Chemical Fume Hood Series Contact Our Experts Process Effective against chemical vapors generated during processes including reflux, distillation, flash chromatography, evaporation, etc. Containment

Local Exhaust Ventilation Hood

LEV III™ Containment for Flash Chromatography, ROTOVAPS & Similar Applications Contact Our Experts Process Effective for microwave digestion, oven processes, flash chromatography, oil extraction and

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