Glovebox Workstation

LFBC™ Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator for HPAPI Processing

  • HEPA inlet filter for internal ISO 5 or better cleanliness
  • Containment for OEB 3-5 below 30ng/m3 depending on process and application
  • Designed for working with HAPI, ADCs, Oncology and biologic products in many applications and equipment, including balances, ovens, FTIR, sieves, and many more



Designed as the next step in containment above the Flow Sciences Hybrid Isolator, this unit is able to effectively protect operators from exposure while meeting or exceed ISO 5 for cleanliness. 


Flow Sciences Top Mount Safety Enclosure with Bag-in / Bag-out (BIBO) Filtration is engineered to provide a safe, stable working environment in laboratory settings. The BIBO filter is designed for safe disposal and replacement of HEPA filter by a certified technician. Watch the video:


Construction Polypropylene frame with acrylic panels (EGP Series)
Polypropylene frame with glass panels (EGG Series)
Custom options available in amber acrylic and other materials for viewing panels
Custom options available in stainless steel
External Width (in) 48 | 60 | 72
External Depth (in) 30
Interior Height (in) 24
Base Standard phenolic resin dished base
Tri-Clover Male (Female sold separately)
No base (custom option)
Exhaust A - FAN/BIBO* - Recirculate or connect to house exhaust
*see BIBO in Feature and Benefits Section
B - MESH FAN/BIBO* - Recirculate
*see BIBO in Feature and Benefits Section
Voltage/Filter *see Voltage/Filter Options graphic below table
HEPA Inlet Filter Right or Left Side
Table No Table
Powder Coated Steel
Stainless Steel
Adjustable Lift
Velocity alarm (visual and audible) Integrated into the fan
LED light with adjustable angel White
Amber (custom option)
Hinged Front Lift Door Opens vertically to load and unload equipment


Add-On Options

Berkshire Cleaning Kit Contact Flow Sciences for kit description FSI-Berkshire-Cleaning-Kit-uai-324x324

Side Ports

Blank Plate No side port needed Blank Plate
Continuous Liner FS2092 & APS0825 – Designed to eliminate cross contamination of powders, protecting the person, plant, and product. Long lengths of pre-packaged liners reduce operator labor. Continuous Liner
Double Safe Waste Chute FS2091 – Double Bag system for disposal of waste or other materials. Designed specifically for the universal/master port of the EGP and EGG. Double-Safe-Waste-Chute
RTP Alpha Port FS2093 – Accommodates a 105mm RTP Alpha port for connecting various betas or other containers. Getinge-DPTE-Alpha
Transfer Box Polypropylene construction with access door to move materials in/out of the enclosure. EHP-Transfer-1
Customized Master Port The blank plate can be customized to install iris ports, services, transfer systems, and more. Service-and-Iris-Port



Working with a specific piece of equipment? Our design history has led to many custom solutions created for equipment that is highly likely to be similar or exact to your specific equipment.

Our sales, engineering, and project management staff begin by creating a unified understanding of every customer’s process and goals through the completion of the Custom Quote Request Form.

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