Designing Engineering Controls for High Potency Containment

Engineering Controls are Necessary to Extract and Remove Toxins to Prevent Inhalation, Dermal, and Other Exposures as well as Cross Contamination of Samples.



Personnel and/or product protection is imperative for the safety of operators and the liability of companies that manufacture and manipulate toxic materials. Arriving at a solution requires careful consideration and expertise. Flow Sciences provides that recommendation based on these factors:

  1. CONTAINMENT – Performance Target is the defined level of acceptable exposure to personnel and/or product from potentially harmful materials during the process.
  2. PROCESS – What you are doing inside and outside of the containment enclosure that requires personnel and/or product protection.
  3. EQUIPMENT – The specific specifications and parameters of the operating machines, instruments, and hardware required to complete the process.
  4. SCOPE – Defining the expectations of all parties involved in the project pertaining to budget, lead time, and complexity of the containment challenge.
  5. FACILITY – The allowances and restrictions in the designated work space required for power, installation, and operation of the containment systems and accessories.
  6. SOLUTION – A recommendation is provided, and the engineering or production process begins.

Our Highest Quality Ensures Your Excellent Results. The Pharma and Biopharma markets continue to grow every year. For these projects, the ability to provide effective and efficient safety protocols continues to be in high demand. Safety and performance are of the utmost importance, as the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies rely on proper engineering controls to develop and produce consistent products and results, while keeping their personnel and/or product safe. At Flow Sciences, we pride ourselves in the ability to engineer solutions that contain applications properly while creating consistent results.

Flow Sciences has engineered and manufactured products for many applications and equipment needs. As the challenges of containment arrive in the industry, we have adapted and improved our capabilities to meet and exceed the requirements.

Throughout the process, we have learned that the product that is manufactured is the result of a challenge designed specifically for that application. Once the unit is tested and validated, we can use that solution for other clients that have the same application or containment need. This is how Flow Sciences has organically grown and developed thousands of solutions for customers around the world.

As the industry grows, Flow Sciences grows with it. New designs and technologies are being engineered every day to deliver the most current controls and effective containment strategies to our customers. This includes expansions in materials of construction like stainless steel, as well as multi-task systems where units are joined together to complete a continuous process.

Strategic partners such as IsoTech Design, are working with us to provide solutions into sterile manufacturing as well, allowing Flow Sciences to deliver complete systems and strategies for labs and facilities in many areas of the industry.

Cultivating strategic relationships with third party industrial hygiene companies as well as other containment solution providers allow Flow Sciences to offer much more than just the system. Services such as factory acceptance testing and site acceptance testing using surrogate powder (naproxen sodium, lactose) give results of actual operators performing applications around equipment. These can be administered or monitored by third party IH in the testing lab at Flow Sciences’ facility in NC or at the customer site. Other services such as IQOQ, cleaning protocols, installation, and more are available as well.

The industry is changing; ingredients becoming more toxic, processes becoming more dangerous, equipment becoming more sophisticated. We recognize that the units and systems being engineered today will help to protect the innovators and innovations of the future. The scope of responsibility we face as a safety community is more important than ever before, and we at Flow Sciences will continue to adapt and progress to provide the best containment systems available.

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