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Perkin Elmer Janus G-3 Enclosure

Perkin Elmer Janus G-3 Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection and odor abatement during load & go operation with Janus G3.

Polypropylene superstructure with base (work surface) coated in black phenolic resin to preserve stability of all pertinent equipment and resultant data.  Chute placed in base for dispensing.

(*) stainless steel table complies with guidelines within the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)

Additional features include:

  • (2X) 3″ iris ports on left and right side which allows for ingress egress of equipment cords and cables
  • Switch – actuated LED light provides optimal viewing across the workspace
  • Side panels were made into access doors on the right and left side
  • Full frontal and side panel access for maintenance
  • Swing out monitor arm attached to table
    Keyboard under-mount


External Width: 47.75” [1175mm]
External Depth: 44.00” [1117.6mm]
Internal Height: 34.44” [874.776mm]

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