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Nitrogen Purge Enclosure for Tablet Pressing, Tablet Coating & Tablet Drying

This custom-built Nitrogen Purge Enclosure is a custom-built, multi-process containment unit designed to provide personnel and product protection. It creates a low relative humidity environment using nitrogen gas to purge the interior, reducing humidity to at or below 15% RH for optimal product protection.

Constructed with polypropylene and glass, this enclosure features 10″ oval glove ports, a phenolic resin base with dished edges to contain spills and a front equipment loading door with gas shocks for easy access. It can house a Natoli Press 365, a Glatt Fluid Bed Coater, and a Fluid Air Polar Dry Spray dryer.*

The enclosure has dual HEPA filters and a check valve on the secondary filter, along with a powder-coated steel thimble for connecting to the house exhaust. Other features include a Magnehelic gauge, left-side pass-thru with latching door, right-side blanked pass-thru plate, IP67 LED light tube, two-gang covered internal outlet, right-side Roxtec cable pass-thru, and an interior workspace grounding bar.

The 1501 Nitrogen Controller with Humidity Sensor is another key feature, allowing for precise control of humidity levels within the enclosure. This custom-built Nitrogen Purge Enclosure is a reliable solution for laboratory managers and safety professionals needing to protect their team and products during multiple processes. With the added benefit of using nitrogen gas to maintain low humidity levels, it’s an ideal choice for optimal product protection.

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Overall Height: 63.35 in
  • Overall Width: 58.73 in
  • Overall Depth: 36.63 in
Interior Dimensions:
  • Interior Height: 45.25 in
  • Interior Width: 36.97 in
  • Interior Depth: 32.00 in



*It’s important to note that changing the equipment in the enclosure would require adhering to applicable standard operating procedures (SOPs) and cleaning procedures to avoid cross-contamination and breaches.






Fluid Air Polar Dry Spray Dryer, Glatt Fluid Bed Coater, Natoli Press



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