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Karl Fischer Contained Environmental System

Karl Fischer Contained Environmental System designed to provide personnel and product protection. Operator breathing zone concentration attenuated down to 1-5 mg/m3 (milligrams per meter cubed) when in use.

48” x 20” front access door with (4x) 10” diameter oval glove ports allows the user to access the workstation interior using gloves, thereby receiving protected from respiratory and dermal exposure when conforming to good laboratory practices; cuffs and sleeves available for purchase upon request. Pass-thru chamber on left allows the user to load containerized product into the workstation while retaining containment(^); pass-thru dimensions are 18” x 18” x 18” (Width x Depth, Height) and pass-thru door dimensions are 12” x 12” (lateral width x height).

System provides product protection via lateral airflow across the workspace, which is facilitated by the combination of a 24” x 14” inlet HEPA filter on the right side and a Top – Mount Dual – HEPA fan / filter housing. Lateral airflow dynamics protect product from cross-contamination and loss incurred by direct contact with air channels.

8” continuous liner on right side facilitates seamless waste removal; plastic bag can be primed for the next iteration of waste loadout; includes inner cover*. On top-left, 8” x 8” x 1” HEPA filter with over-pressure [relief] valve.

*inner cover must be installed for operation

Additional features include:

  • 0-1.0” WG (water gage) Magnahelic gauge displays real-time measurement of pressure differential between ambient environment and enclosure interior
  • Nitrogen inlet facilitates connection to source gas container
  • (2x) Dual 120V outlets with power cords on rear-right corner


External Width: 72.75” [1822mm]
External Depth: 30.00” [762mm]
Internal Height: 25.91” [658mm]







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