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Fitzmill L1A Hammer Milling Enclosure

Fitzmill L1A Hammer Milling Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection down to a respiratory exposure concentration of 10-100 micrograms powder per cubic meter of air (ug/m3). Features polypropylene superstructure with base (work surface) coated in black phenolic resin to preserve stability of all pertinent equipment and resultant data.

Removable sliding sash allows for easy ingress / egress of equipment and optimal product discharge and working height. Hinged door allows access to enclosure interior when necessary; removable sliding sash offers two (2) height configurations. FS2079 Double Safe Waste Chute facilitates easy load – out of waste product and other pertinent materials; this component is mounted on a removable panel, which allows interchangeability between it and the panel that can be installed on the opposite side (left or right). 316-grade stainless steel airfoils allow laminar airflow across the workspace and attenuation of hazard exposure.

Included electronically-actuated stainless steel table(*) allows the user to adjust the working height of the enclosure to meet their specific needs; table includes locking casters.

(*) stainless steel table complies with guidelines within the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)

Additional features include:

  • 1.5” diameter rubber membrane iris ports allow for ingress egress of equipment cords and cables
  • Switch – actuated LED light provides optimal viewing across the workspace
  • Right-side mounting panel allows user to mount the Fitzmill L1A onto the right side of the enclosure; the mill is placed on a Flow Sciences cart (sold separately), cart is rolled to the right side of enclosure, and the sieve – end of the equipment is slipped through a rubber membrane. All components work together to retain containment with only the mill – end inside; additionally, this complex offers increased workspace area and portability of the Fitzmill L1A
    • Mounting panel is interchangeable between left and right sides of enclosure [with waste chute panel]


External Width: 47.75” [1175mm]
External Depth: 30.00” [762mm]
Internal Height: 34.44” [875mm]







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