Xcelodose 600 Remote Dose Dispensing Enclosure

Xcelodose 600- Remote Dose Dispensing Enclosure designed for personnel protection during capsulation processes involving Xcelodose 600 Precision Powder Micro-Dosing System. Enclosure features polypropylene superstructure, top-mount fan with Dual-HEPA filtration. Removable sliding sash facilitates loading of equipment and unloading after decontamination. Access door featured on left and right side of unit allows user-manipulation when necessary.

Enclosure offers containment when operating under the following door configurations:

  1. Sliding Sash – High; where a 10” face opening exists below the sash
  2. Sliding Sash – Low; where a 10” face opening exists above the sash

Additional features include:

  • Bag-In-Bag-Out (BIBO) system for safe replacement of primary filter
  • Integrated airflow velocity alarm, which alerts the user when face velocity measurement is lower than the setpoint calibrated by the certifier.


External Width: 49.39”
External Depth: 35.00”
Internal Height: 38.50”

FSI Category 4-5





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