Positive Pressure Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Enclosure

Nitrogenema with Swagelok Bulkhead Fittings designed to provide product protection during mass spectrometry analysis
using a Cirrus Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with dimensions 25.39” (L) x 16.14” (W) x 13.77” (H); [645mm x 410mm x 350mm].
On right side, features a 14” x 16” equipment loading/access door for loading, unloading, and manipulation of equipment.

Static dissipative acrylic superstructure prevents accumulation of static electricity, which can pose a burn hazard when operating under low oxygen
and/or low relative humidity conditions. (2x) 10” diameter oval gloveports allow the user to manipulate product and perform analysis while preventing loss of product.

Features (5x) Swagelok SS-400-61 tube fittings on right side for connection to tubing required for analysis.

Enclosure features include:

  • 2 pair of black butyl gloves
  • Roxtec cord pass-thru for insertion/removal of equipment cables and cords
  • 0-1.0 iwg. Magnehelic pressure gauge


External Width: 37.34”
External Depth: 28.00”
Internal Height: 27.19”

FSI Category 2-3





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