FSI Expansion Press Release

LELAND, NC, January 19, 2021 — Flow Sciences, a leading provider of containment systems for drug discovery, pilot plant, manufacturing, cGMP and viral research is growing. After an auspicious 2020 year of providing solutions, our manufacturing facility is expanding and combining into one large plant.  The Leland, NC manufacturing facility is to incorporate a new metal machining section attached to the already existing structure to improve production workflow. This brings the entire design and build process together in one continuous, lean flow facility.

“The 15,000 square-foot expansion of our primary shop will perfect our production line,” Ray Ryan, CEO said. “It has been a tough year for many companies and people, but we have been working as hard as we can to continue to serve our customers, refine our processes, and most of all, create more jobs in the area.” Flow Sciences’ strategic planning for the building expansion has not slowed down its shipping schedule, thanks to its dedicated production team working overtime to make sure orders are fulfilled.

In addition to the expansion of the facility, Flow Sciences has invested in quality manufacturing equipment. “A huge advantage to having the new brake (right image above) is safety verses a more manual machine. The accuracy of our bends are better and more consistent. We save a huge amount of time in the set-up of machine. With the addition of the press brake, Trumpf 3100XL, we now have the ability to produce more complex parts which in turn increases our design capabilities. We are able to manufacture the highest quality parts accurately, achieving precise angles and dimensions from the very first part. The short set up time and operational speed of the brake allows us to manufacture precision parts economically. It includes some of the highest safety standards with laser curtains and tool monitoring .” – Ed Gibson, Manufacturing Engineer.

“By adding our new additional Smart CNC Router (left image above), we will be able to maximize on our efficiencies to better serve our customers. We always aim to better serve our customers as quickly as possible with new cutting-edge products with our ‘by any means necessary’ attitude.” – Matt Hilliard, Manufacturing Supervisor

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