For over 30 years our mantra has remained steadfast,
Our Highest Quality Ensures Your Excellent Results.

Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) designs and manufactures containment solutions. Our commitment to safety, performance, and superior engineering quality and service is unmatched. The Flow Sciences Team is known as world leaders in containment solutions.

During the 1990s, Flow Sciences pioneered Vented Balance Safety Enclosures (VBSE™) which introduced the first independent fan exhaust system to isolate vibrations for balance accuracy. By incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Flow Sciences refined the process and enlarged the enclosures, presenting product protection through framed enclosure solutions.

Engineering and Consulting firms’ involvement in Pharma and Biopharma projects continues to grow every year. For these projects, the ability to provide efficient safety protocols continues to be in high demand.

Versatility and flexibility are key to the most successful pharma and biopharma companies, which is why so many of the top design and engineering firms choose Flow Sciences as their trusted containment provider.

Flow Sciences takes reproducibility seriously and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified in production quality. Every unique unit receives factory acceptance testing before leaving the facility. New enclosures and systems are being created every day to house the latest and most advanced equipment on the market.

With products ranging from convertible enclosures for different API toxicity levels to enclosures designed for specific tasks and equipment (e.g. Malvern, Mettler, Sympatec, Carver Press), Flow Sciences has the engineering and production capability to provide solutions throughout the entire manufacturing space.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the study of  fluid dynamics using sophisticated computing technology. Computational Fluid Dynamics uses or solves the governing equations of fluid or gas flows to predict the characteristics and the structure of a flow field. The most important feature or advantage of using CFD in the design process is the ability to see airflow.  CFD allows the user to see the results of engineering design more effectively than in the real world. The effects of minute features in the designing process can be seen and compared using CFD which cannot be done in an otherwise efficient manner. Another added advantage of using CFD is the repeatability of the results.

Flow Sciences uses CFD in the design process in order to concentrate and study the effects of changes in airflow (large and small) in the enclosure design.  Any changes  to an enclosure’s design affect the airflow structure inside the enclosure and FSI’s goal is to maintain stable  airflow that improves containment while also providing a low turbulent atmosphere that allows sensitive equipment to perform properly and minimize any potential product loss. With CFD we have the advantage of evaluating the performance of the enclosure even before it is built, and then verify those results in our testing lab. This results in our clients receiving enclosures that have proven performance.


Flow Sciences, Inc. provides engineered containment solutions from research to production.  From Occupational Exposure Bands (OEB) 3 to 5, we build to suit your application.  Whether in powder manipulation where balance stability is paramount, or using specific manufacturer equipment needing containment, or operating in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, Flow Sciences keeps your personnel and product safe.



Flow Sciences possesses a laboratory capable of testing products for conformance to the relevant standards (ie. ASHRAE 110-2016 Tracer Gas Testing).  Every unique enclosure or hood that is manufactured in the facility is tested to these standards to ensure quality and performance to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Additionally, the facility can be used to perform further testing, using surrogate materials to determine expected enclosure containment capabilities.  This factory acceptance testing using surrogate materials is often accompanied by a third party industrial hygiene group, as well as the customer.  This helps to replicate the end process exactly, and also to suggest SOPs and GLPs for best use of the equipment.

Performace is paramount in the safety industry, and through consistent quality design and expert manufacturing, Flow Sciences’ units perform. With surrogate powder testing both in our facility as factory acceptance testing and at the customer facility as site acceptance testing, Flow Sciences consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations with containment targets and goals.



Containment Target : .05 µg/m³

Surrogate Powder Testing Result : .0004 µg/m³

Equipment : Balances

Operation : Weighing / Transferring