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DGMIF (Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation) Testimonial

“The high-tech medical industry is a key industrial sector being developed strategically by the government as a new growth engine, and is also an advanced industry that combines indigenous IT (Information Technology), BT (Bio Technology) and NT(Nano Technology). It is fast becoming one of the most promising industrial areas on the aging of the population, development of medical technologies and growth of household incomes.

The Medivalley plan is a development project that aims to create a world-class research facility where any person with a promising idea for a new and advanced medical product may receive support for research and development.”

Flow Sciences’ Role

If you haven’t heard of the Medivalley project or DGMIF (Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation), you will soon.  With the completion of the main research facilities in the late 2013, Medivalley is now rapidly turning into a global R&D hub of high-tech medical industry in the Republic of Korea.  DGMIF’s key functions include production and supply of the clinical trial materials (CTM) in compliance with the global GMP standards for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, thus handling and weighing and manipulating various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). With a suite of custom Flow Sciences enclosures, they were able to outfit their lab and facility with the best containment enclosures on the market. From conception to design, Flow Sciences worked with Dr. Yong Jae Lee, President of the Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center at DGMIF and his staff, to develop containment enclosures to best suit their needs.

Quote from Dr. Lee

As the president of the Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center of DGMIF in Korea, I want to speak to our experiences with Flow Sciences, Inc.  We selected Flow Sciences because of their unique design and technology.  Based on their experience and reputation in the containment industry, we feel confident in the quality of Flow Sciences’ enclosures.  Their enclosures will effectively protect our employees and environment from the highly potent pharmaceuticals in our processes.”

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