Chemglass Reactor & Mobius Enclosure designed for optimal personnel protection while working with HPAPI powders. The enclosure features polypropylene superstructure, dished phenolic base, and tinted acrylic viewing panels to provide filtration of light below 450 nm. In addition, the enclosure features 19 total iris ports on the top, middle, and bottom of each side for easy wiring installation, access door, and a removable sliding door. Coated acrylic viewing panels provide light filtration and LED lighting provides optimal viewing across the workspace.

External Width: 46”
External Depth: 45”
Internal Height: 79”

FSI Category: 7-8

  • What is being done inside of the enclosure? What type of material (powder, liquid, gas, nuisance odor) is being worked with? How does the material enter and exit the enclosure system? etc...
  • What type of filtration is required? Single HEPA, Dual HEPA, Carbon, House Exhaust, etc... What is the required OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) for the process, or any other details about containment goals? What is the quantity of powder or liquid, task duration, composition of powder, etc...?
  • What equipment is being worked with? What is the equipment model, size, scope, function, and any other information that will affect the design of the enclosure, including movement, heat output, etc...? *State the specific equipment make and model if available*
  • Drop files here or
    • Are there any additional notes or information that should be considered? Are there any special design requirements?