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Acid & Solvent Dispensing Enclosure

This Acid & Solvent Dispensing Enclosure primarily offers personnel protection and odor mitigation during weighing and dispensing applications. The acid, or solvent, the material is poured from its source bottles into a beaker. Then, the beaker is weighed using a Mettler-Toledo Analytical Balance.

Once it is weighed, the liquid is transferred into a smaller container which is capped and cleaned prior to removal from the work surface. Containment is tested and proven with ASHRAE 110 standards during our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

The outside frame is a durable polypropylene with clear acrylic viewing panels and a black lab-grade phenolic base, dished to contain spills. This unit connects directly to the building exhaust. A face velocity alarm is included in this system to alert when the air velocity drops below a safe operating level. This enclosure also features a LED light bar that provides additional light into the workspace when needed.

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Overall Height: 43.00 in
  • Overall Width: 59.75 in
  • Overall Depth: 30.00 in
Interior Dimension:
  • Interior Height: 39.00 in
  • Interior Width: 57.75 in
  • Interior Depth: 26.44 in





Mettler-Toledo Analytical Balance

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