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Sliding Door Buchi Spray Dryer Enclosure

Introducing our Sliding Door Buchi Spray Dryer Enclosure – your personal protection solution for powder drying applications. It’s designed with you in mind! Our spacious interior workspace comfortably accommodates a Buchi® Mini Spray Dryer B-290, giving you plenty of room to dispense dry powder into glass jars for easy removal. And don’t worry about cleaning up afterward; we’ve included a stainless steel sink for conveniently washing your glassware. The enclosure’s advanced filtration system ensures that solvent fumes are safely exhausted through the house exhaust, offering a secure and clean environment.

You’ll love the durability of this enclosure! It’s constructed with a sturdy polypropylene superstructure, complemented by acrylic viewing panels and clear acrylic sliding doors. The base, made of black lab-grade phenolic resin, is thoughtfully designed with dished edges to contain any spills, minimizing mess and hassle. With our two dual-stack HEPA filtration units featuring the innovative Bag-in, Bag-out (BIBO) filter changeout system, you can change filters without breaking containment. This reduces downtime and eliminates the need for costly re-certification and setup fees.

We’ve also taken equipment maintenance and cleaning into account. The enclosure features small access doors on both sides, ensuring easy access when needed. Additionally, it comes packed with useful features such as an LED Light Tube, two 4″ IRIS Ports for convenient connections, a Side Mounted Light Switch for easy operation, two Blank Accessory Plates for customization, two Minihelic Pressure Differential Gauges to keep you informed, and an FS1650 Face Velocity Alarm for added safety.

Rest assured, our enclosure has been tested and proven to meet ASHRAE 110 standards during FAT testing. For more detailed information, consult your dedicated Flow Sciences representative.

Overall Dimensions:
  • Height: 86.73 in
  • Width: 90.75 in
  • Depth: 37.00 in





Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290

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