Buchi Rotovap and FTS Systems Flexi-Dry MP Lyophilizer Enclosure

Buchi Rotovap and FTS Systems Flexi-Dry Lyophilizer Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection while working with powder substances. Enclosure designed specifically for a Buchi Rotovap and a FTS Systems Flexi-Dry Lyophilizer. The enclosure features include polypropylene superstructure, sliding door style with removable sliding sash, acrylic viewing panels, LED lighting, acrylic door, acrylic divider, top mount fans with HEPA filtration, dished trepsa base, face velocity alarm, and a cart with 2 access doors and leveling feet. Acrylic viewing panels and LED lighting maximize lighting across the workspace.


66” Exterior Width
35” Exterior Depth
26” Interior Height

  FSI Category: 5-6





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