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Wet and Dry Chemistry Cancer Drug Research Glovebox Workstation

Wet and Dry Chemistry Cancer Drug Research Glovebox Workstation designed to provide personnel protection during cancer drug research operations during wet and dry chemistry operations involving cytotoxic powder substances. Respiratory exposure concentration attenuated to a breathing zone concentration within the range of 100-1000 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter). House exhaust pulls air laterally across the workspace through two 24” x 14” inlet HEPA filters with PTFE membrane up through a Dual-HEPA filtrated filter housing, and into house exhaust ducting after exiting workstation through a 6” house exhaust cap.

Features polypropylene superstructure and acrylic viewing panels. Pass-thru compartment (7.625” x 9” door opening) on left side of station allows for easy, clean loading/unloading of product; internal dimensions of pass-thru chamber are 11.875” x 10” x 12”. Control box on left side features 2-color tower light which visually alerts the user when containment is and isn’t offered (Go/No-Go visual alarm with green/red lights, respectively). Control box also features FS1650 airflow alarm which audible alerts the operator when face velocity is below the setpoint calibrated by the certifier.

Additionally, the workstation features (4x) 10” diameter glove ports on front panel and total of four 10” diameter glove ports rear panels (2 glove ports on each panel); this glove port layout allows two operators to utilize the enclosure simultaneously. Also features misting wand which allows for decontamination of workstation interior. 4” diameter drain on right side of workspace allows for drainage of water and unwanted liquid product.

Aluminum scaffolding at rear of workstation interior allows hanging/suspending of equipment and ergonomic access to equipment surfaces when decontaminating with misting wand.

Additional features include:

  • 12” Continuous Liner on right allows for seamless reiteration of process by priming the bag between each iteration of waste loadout procedure
  • (4x) Roxtec ports allow for ingress-egress of equipment cables and cords while retaining containment
  • (3x) Parker valves for connection to water source and/or other sources of liquid reagents


External Width: 71.25” [1822mm]
External Depth: 36.00” [948mm]
Internal Height: 38.75” [984mm]





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