Highly Potent API Weighing Suite

Highly Potent API Weighing Suite designed to provide personnel protection down to a respiratory concentration of at least 50 nanograms per cubic meter of air (ng/m3).
Design accommodates sufficient space for storage and usage of 1-2 analytical balances and/or microbalances.

Pass-thru chamber between each enclosure features optimal space for a Lazy Susan (rotating turntable),
which Flow Sciences recommends as an efficient and cost-effective method of process flow for API weighing operations.

Additionally, enclosure features tempered glass draftshield for visibility of the workspace.
LED Lighting facilitates a higher level a visibility of the workspace.

Other features include:

  • (2x) Dual-HEPA fan/filter housing with Bag-in-bag-out (BIBO) filter replacement system for safe replacement of primary HEPA filter
    • Minihelic gauge for real-time display of differential pressure measurement between primary and secondary HEPA filters
  • Tempered glass draftshield for visibility of workspace
  • Pneumatic door with gas shocks which allows the user to easily load and unload equipment and [safely] containerized product
  • Glass-sealed pass-thru on left side for connection to a compatible Flow Sciences Hybrid Isolator enclosure (opening is 350mm x 350mm and outer rim is 450mm x 450mm)
  • Glass Viewing Panel above left-side waste chute for easy viewing when removing waste material from enclosure
  • Draftshield with (4x) 8” gloveports and black butyl gloves
  • Integrated airflow alarm which alerts the user of airflow measurements below the setpoint calibrated by the certifier
  • 3” iris port on right side for removal/entry of equipment cables and cords


External Width: 65.42” (Left); 71.75” (Right) – 153.35” (Total)
External Depth: 30.00”
Internal Height: 30.51”

FSI Category 10+





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