Malvern Morphologi G4 Raman Spectrometry Enclosure

Malvern Morphologi G4 Raman Spectrometry Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection during down to a respiratory exposure concentration of 10 micrograms per cubic meter air (10 ug/m3). Accommodates 8” x 8” of space for preparation of samples on a tray of the same dimensions. Also accommodates sufficient space for safe storage and ergonomic usage of the Malvern Morphologi G4 Spectrometer with dimensions 33”(W) x 21” (D) x 27.25”(H); [838.2mm X 533.4mm X 692.15mm]. 8” of space available above Malvern for opening of the top cover. Base is coated in black phenolic resin for reproducibility of mass measurements and is dished to contain spills.

LED Lighting and acrylic viewing panels provide optimal illumination for precise movements during weighing and spectrometry phases of operation.

Additional features include:

  • Top-Mounted fan/filter housing with HEPA filtration
  • Hinged Access Door on right side for ease of loading/unloading equipment
  • (3x) sliding doors allow the user to move freely and ergonomically throughout the enclosure while retaining containment
  • 8” additional depth of base to allow the weighing tray to sit inside the dished base and in front of the Malvern Morphologi G4

External Width: 51.00”
External Depth: 42.00”
Internal Height: 35.69”

FSI Category 4-5




Particle Analyzer



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