NASBITE International honors Flow Sciences, Inc. as an outstanding small-medium business exporter

NASBITE International recognized Flow Sciences, Inc. as an Outstanding Exporter during its recent National Small Business Exporter Summit. Flow Sciences, Inc. was selected for its demonstrated excellence in export growth and innovative approaches to international marketing.

“During a year when the export business faced significant pandemic-related challenges, Flow Sciences, Inc.  grew, opened new markets and created jobs, providing economic growth in spite of these headwinds,” said Jackie Rasmussen, CGBP, president of NASBITE International. “As the leading supporter of education in the industry, we at NASBITE, celebrate the success of Flow Sciences, Inc. and their willingness to share their hard-earned knowledge during our recent National Exporter Summit.”

Steve Janz, VP of International Sales & Business Development and Ray Ryan, President & CEO

“We are honored to be a NASBITE Outstanding Exporter,” said Steve Janz, VP International Sales & Business Development. “It’s a testament to the vision, hard work and dedication of our team at
Flow Sciences, Inc. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together as we navigated the unanticipated challenges of the past year.”

NASBITE International created these awards, along with the National Small Business Exporter Summit, as a way to bring together top small business exporters, trade professionals and trade assistance providers from across the country to connect with one another, and to share best practices and lessons learned.    Companies are nominated as honorees for the National Small Business Exporter Summit by
state-level District Export Councils and leading trade assistance organizations and associations from across the country.   These companies have demonstrated exceptional export growth and an innovative approach to international marketing as part of their core business operations.

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