Trajan Chronect XPR Enclosure

The Trajan Chronect XPR Enclosure is designed to prioritize personnel safety while handling small quantities of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs). This custom enclosure is designed to contain the TRAJAN LEAP CHRONECT XPR and guarantees a secure working environment for critical processes involving this specific equipment.

Optimal Visibility and Containment
Crafted with high-quality materials, the enclosure features a polypropylene superstructure and clear acrylic viewing panels that surround the entire unit. This construction ensures exceptional visibility of the process and equipment, allowing operators to closely monitor operations. The black phenolic base effectively contains spills, providing stability and facilitating effortless cleaning or replacement when necessary.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety Features
The Trajan Chronect Quantos Enclosure goes the extra mile to prioritize safety. Equipped with an adjustable LED lighting system, operators enjoy enhanced visibility within the workspace, ensuring precise control over delicate operations. To maintain proper air circulation, the enclosure includes an airflow velocity alarm, offering peace of mind during operation. The dual-HEPA filtration system, featuring a convenient Bag-in, Bag-out changeout mechanism, ensures optimal containment within the enclosure.

Versatile Access and Configuration
The enclosure boasts convenient side access doors that allow easy equipment maintenance and cleaning between operations, reducing downtime and enhancing workflow efficiency. Furthermore, it is equipped with two iris ports and two 1.5″ sanitary ports, located on either side, providing flexibility for process customization. The inclusion of two blank plates offers the possibility of incorporating continuous liners or waste chutes, catering to evolving process requirements. Adaptability is key, enabling swift adjustments to meet your specific needs.

Experience the utmost safety and efficiency with the Trajan Chronect XPR Enclosure. Contact us today to learn more about this cutting-edge solution and revolutionize your HPAPI handling processes.


  • 71.75” Width
  • 46” Depth
  • 71.91” Height






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