Sputter Coater API Hybrid Isolator

Sputter Coater API Hybrid Isolator designed specifically for a Denton Vacuum Sputter Coater IV with dimensions of 24” W x 21” D x 24” H to maximize personnel protection while working with powder substances. Unit features black phenolic base, acrylic structure, Dual Minihelic gauges for filter change monitoring, front hinged access door, left side pass-thru chamber with 2 access doors, and 3 x 8” glove ports. Bag-in Bag-out Dual inline HEPA filtration system hooks up to house exhaust. Acrylic viewing panels and LED lighting maximize lighting across the workspace. Dual 120V Outlet with power cord.


48” Exterior Width
30” Exterior Depth
24” Interior Height

  FSI Category: 4-5






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