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Stainless Steel Glovebox Workstation with Rolling Cart

Stainless Steel API Weighing Enclosure with Rolling Cart designed to provide personnel protection during the weighing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and subsequent bagging and transfer of product to an attached tank with diameter within range of 15cm-30cm (5.9”- 11.8”). Superstructure is composed of 316 (molybdenum-bearing grade) stainless steel. Inlet HEPA filtration facilitates lateral airflow across the work surface. Polypropylene fan/filter housing with Dual-HEPA filtration system features bag-in-bag-out (BIBO) functionality to attenuate respiratory exposure to contaminants when replacing the filter.

Design accommodates loading of 50-kilogram bag of API powder into the enclosure by way of the left-side pass thru. Pass-thru features stack light with an integrated alarm to alert the user when conditions are not sufficient for containment (e.g. when pass-thru door and/or interior access are open). Stack-light features Red/Green/Amber light indicators to alert the user.

Pneumatically-actuated front door includes (4x) 10” oval glove ports for manipulation of product and equipment. Tempered glass viewing panels offers high shear resistance and high rupture resistance.

Internal LED Lighting accommodates optimal viewing across the entirety of the workspace.

Includes an electromechanically-actuated lifting cart to allow the user to adjust the workspace to desired height and offers portability of the enclosure.

Additional features include:

  • Misting Wand Connection to facilitate easy access when decontaminating interior surfaces
  • Roxtec membrane pass-thru for electrical connections required for the operation
  • 8” continuous liner on right side for waste disposal or safe transfer of product between work areas; continuous liner (aka. bag) allows for instant reusability when adhering manufacturer’s recommendations for use.


External Width: 91.92”
External Depth: 31.94”
Internal Height: 26.75” .     

FSI Category 10+





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