Pro/Fill Capsule Filling Enclosure

The Pro/Fill Capsule Filling Enclosure is specifically designed to ensure personnel safety when working with powder substances. It incorporates several features to enhance the working environment. The enclosure includes an acrylic superstructure, providing easy access to the workspace. It also features a draft shield, 316 stainless steel hardware and airfoils, and a black phenolic base to contain any spills.

For optimal visibility, the enclosure is equipped with acrylic viewing panels and an LED lighting system that offers both white and amber options. The lighting can be controlled using a convenient 3-way light switch. The enclosure also includes a minihelic gauge to monitor air pressure, and a top mount fan with dual Bag-In/Bag-Out 99.99% HEPA filters for efficient air filtration.

Safety measures are integrated into the enclosure, such as an integrated velocity alarm to maintain proper air flow, and double safe waste chutes on both sides for secure disposal. These features ensure the well-being of personnel and minimize any potential risks.

In summary, the ProFill 3000 Enclosure provides a secure and well-lit workspace, prioritizing personnel safety and efficient powder handling during research processes.

Enclosure Dimensions:

  • 48” Exterior Width
  • 30” Exterior Depth
  • 27” Interior Height
  •   FSI Category: 7-8





Pro/Filler 3000

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