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Ploughshare L 10 Mixer Food Additive Enclosure

Ploughshare L 10 Mixer Food Additive Enclosure

Ploughshare Mixer Food Additive Enclosure designed contain nuisance dust and process containment for a food additive operation involving a Model L 10 Ploughshare Mixer (10-liter drum volume). Features aluminum frame superstructure and acrylic viewing panels. Top panel, side panel, front panel, and back panel are able to be disconnected and reconnected when needed (when containment is not needed).

(4x) removable sliding doors on the top of the enclosure allow the user to access the top of the mixer*. (2x) hinged doors with handles on right side allows for insertion and removal of the Ploughshare mixer; doors fully open at 180 degrees away from enclosure interior (pull doors). Rolling casters on bottom of enclosure allows the enclosure to be moved when needed.

6” exhaust ports on top of enclosure; able to be connected to house exhaust system using a Flow Sciences vent kit (sold separately).

*containment is offered when one sliding door is opened


External Width: 72.00” [1649mm]
External Depth: 48.00” [1219mm]
Internal Height: 92.65” [2270mm]







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