Pilot Synthesis Fume Hood

Vinyl Compound Fume Hood designed to provide personnel protection when performing operations involving toxic polymers that are dermal and respiratory exposure hazards. (2x) 10” diameter oval glove ports on fixed front panel allow the user to manipulate powdered and liquid polymers while both dermal and respiratory exposure hazards are contained; nitrile gloves included.  Vertical sash with locking mechanism on left third of front viewing panel allows for loading / unloading of equipment and product after decontamination. Vertical sash doubles as horizontal sliding door which yields optimal accessibility in small work areas. When locked together, sliding glass panel and gloveport glass panel are capable of sliding vertically.

Removable cover on left and right sides of unit facilitates access to hood interior after decontamination. Top mounted fluorescent light provides optimal lighting across the workspace. 120V ground fault interrupter (GFI) duplex outlet mounted on top facilitates electrical connections; another 120V GFI duplex outlet featured exterior front. 12” diameter exhaust port facilitates connection to house exhaust.

Maximum opening height (combined sash full open) is 28” [711mm]. Maximum opening width (left-third glass panel full open to the right) is 14.75” [375mm].

Additional features include:

  • Cup sink mounted on rear bottom of unit; cutout on left rear hood interior
  • Valve for water connection on exterior left side of hood
  • Light switch on left front (on / off settings for fluorescent lighting)
  • (7x) optional service openings on front of hood [(4x) on right; (3x) on left]

*Distance between glove ports conforms with AGS guidelines


External Width: 59.92”
External Depth: 35.45”
Internal Height: 47.48

FSI Category 3-4





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