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IND570/A6 Bench Scale Weighing Enclosure with Table

Mettler Toledo IND570/A6 Bench Scale Weighing Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection
during the weighing of potent powders down to a respiratory exposure concentration of micrograms per cubic meter (10 ug/m3).

Enclosure features a 304 stainless steel recess with dimensions (WxLxD) 15”x 18”x 8” on the left side of the work surface
and a 16.75” (D) stainless steel recess on the right; includes acrylic panel for viewing of weight measurements.
Phenolic resin cover included for optional closing of right-side recess.

Additional features include the following:

  • All-clear acrylic superstructure
  • vanometer for real-time face velocity measurements
  • two 6” diameter exhaust ports for connection to house exhaust or Flow Sciences remote fan/filter housing
  • Black phenolic base, dished on the outer perimeter to contain spills
  • 1.5” diameter ports on rear-left and rear-right of enclosure for entry/egress of cables and cords (e.g. for connection to data-logging equipment)

Mild-steel powder coated table included to preserve reproducibility of weight measurements.


External Width: 59.75”
External Depth: 30.00”
Internal Height: 30.91”

FSI Category 4-5





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