Bulk Powder Hybrid Glovebox

Our Bulk Powder Hybrid Glovebox is an exceptional solution for personnel protection against respiratory exposure during powder dispensing applications. This advanced system boasts innovative features that ensure a clean and secure workspace, promoting efficient and safe operations.

With a carefully engineered design, this glovebox showcases a convenient cutout in the phenolic base. This unique feature allows bulk powder drums to easily lift into the base of the enclosure, using membranes to seal the drum securely. Adjacent to the drum is ample space to place a powder balance for precise dispensing. Our system excels at handling materials in 5kg quantities, which are then expertly sealed in glass containers. When it’s time to remove the containers, our 20x20x20 pass-through on the left provides seamless access. We have incorporated dual-HEPA filtration paired with a reliable bag-in, bag-out system (BIBO) to achieve exceptional containment. This combination ensures that containment integrity remains intact, even during filter changeouts, offering you peace of mind.

The Bulk Powder Hybrid Glovebox is constructed with top-quality materials. The white polypropylene superstructure provides durability, while the clear acrylic viewing panels allow optimum visibility. The phenolic resin base features a specially designed cutout to accommodate bulk powder drums, and its dished edges effectively contain any spills that may occur. Additionally, we have included a removable glove panel, giving this unit adaptability to your specific material handling requirements.

Enhancing functionality, this glovebox offers a range of additional features tailored to meet your needs. A convenient right-side continuous liner connection simplifies material dispensing, while our custom 20x20x20 pass-thru port ensures smooth workflow. LED lights with adjustable angles illuminate the workspace, and 4-inch sanitary ports on either side allow easy integration of vacuum lines. For your convenience, minihelic gauges are included to monitor filter loads, and dual-speed fans automatically adjust based on the position of the glove panel.


  • Overall Width: 100.88 in
  • Overall Depth: 40.50 in
  • Overall Height: 93.47 in – 105.28 in



HPAPI Balance



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