Sieving Suite

Sieving Suite Hybrid Isolator designed to house Retsch AS-200 TAP Sieve Shaker and Hirschmann Laborgeräte Jolting Volumeter STAV-II with Water bath cart. Airfoils and plenums coupled with a Dual HEPA filtration and BIBO system control airflow across the workstation and maximize personnel protection while working with powder APIs. Stainless steel construction with inset acrylic paneling allows for ambient light transmission.

109″ External Width
36″ External Depth
29″ Internal Height



Performance is paramount in the safety industry. Through consistent design quality and expert manufacturing, Flow Sciences’ units perform.  With surrogate powder testing both in our facility as factory acceptance testing (FAT) and at the customer facility as site acceptance testing (SAT), we consistently exceed our customers’ containment targets and goal expectations.


Containment Target : 50 ng/m³
Surrogate Powder Testing Result :  1 ng/m³

Equipment : Sieve Shaker
Operation : Sieve Shaking
Test : Naproxen Sodium – 3 x 500g

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