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Achieve and maintain low humidity and/or oxygen levels


Dispensing and weighing pyrophoric substances, reactive substances, substances that react with oxygen mixing. 


Capable of protecting your process by nearly eliminating all moisture or oxygen with the flow of inert gas.


Time is crucial in your lab, so we have put engineered controls in place to minimize the purge time.

Inert Gas Isolator – Low Moisture, Low Oxygen Processing


With HEPA filtration, a one-way check valve, and the ability to connect to a house exhaust system, this product & personnel safety enclosure provides both the operator and the application with the highest level of safety available. With Flow Sciences’ reputation for safety, and the ability to engineer containment for your application, putting this enclosure in a class of its own.


The Nitrogenema TM is designed with clear acrylic walls using a static dissipative coating to reduce static in the enclosure.


The chemically resistant base is dished to contain spills and coated with a phenolic resin to protect the work surface from harmful chemicals.

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Build Options

Product Type Style Material Ext. Width Ext. Depth Internal Height Base Exhaust / Filtration Voltage / Light Options
E – Enclosure N – Inert Gas/ Controlled Environment D – Static Dissipative Acrylic 36" 28"
(END Only)
A – Standard C – No Fan/Filter
(END Only)
K – 110-120v
50-60 Hz
(END Only)
0 – Left Access Door
(END Only)
P – Poly (Acrylic viewing panels) 48" 30"
(ENP & ENG Only)
D – No Fan/
No Filter
(END Only)
L – 220-240v
50-60 Hz
(END Only)
0 – Left Pass Thru
(ENP & ENG Only)
G – Poly (Glass viewing panels)​ 60”" S – No Fan/Safe Change Out Filter (Only ENP & ENG) W – Cool White Light (ENP & ENG Only) 1 – Right Access Door
(END Only)
WY – White & Yellow Light (ENP & ENG Only) 1 – Right Pass Thru (ENP & ENG Only)
2 – Left Access Door/Right Pass Thru (END Only)
3 – Right Access Door/Left Pass Thru (END Only)


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