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Sliding Door Chemical Synthesis Enclosure

The Sliding Door Chemical Synthesis Enclosure offers the perfect solution for ensuring your safety and odor abatement while working with a wide range of APIs, liquids, and powders. Designed with your needs in mind, this unit provides ample space to accommodate three Mettler-Toledo analytical tools: the EZ Max Stirrer, EZ Max Reactor, and Mettler-Toledo Analytical Balance.

Featuring a durable polypropylene superstructure, clear acrylic sliding doors, and sturdy aluminum supports, this enclosure is built to last. The chemically resistant black phenolic resin base not only adds to its durability but also includes a dished-out edge, preventing accidental spills from escaping the containment area. Cleaning is made easy with a convenient misting spray wand located within the interior workspace. Additionally, a waste chute on the left-hand side, a power outlet, three 4″ Iris ports, and four front control valves for Air, Nitrogen (N2), Vacuum, and Water (H2O) are included for your convenience.

Rest assured that our enclosure’s containment capabilities have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with ASHRAE 110 standards. Our Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) process guarantees that you can confidently perform your synthesis applications with the highest level of safety.

Choose the Mettler-Toledo Chemical Synthesis Enclosure for a secure and efficient working environment. Experience peace of mind knowing that your well-being and the surrounding environment are protected throughout your chemical synthesis processes.

Overall Exterior Dimensions:

  • Width: 84.00 inches
  • Depth: 39.08 inches
  • Height: 78.oo inches





Mettler-Toledo EasyMax 402
Mettler-Toledo OptiMax 1001
Mettler-Toledo Analytical Balance

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