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Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

Perchloric Fume Hood is designed to provide personnel protection during applications involving exposure to perchloric fumes. The fume hood also protects personnel from powder substances and liquid substances.

On the interior left side, the fume hood features a gooseneck sink which delivers water to the hood interior when needed. 14” [359mm] stainless steel recess allows the user to dispose of the unwanted product and to decontaminate applicable materials; a drain opening at the bottom of the metallic recess removes wastewater from the workspace. On the interior right side, (2x) spray-down nozzles allow the user to spray copious volumes of water into the hood interior. The trench Drain on the rear of the fume hood features a sufficient capacity to safely remove all contaminated water after spraying down the hood interior.

Fume hood features include a VAH120 velocity alarm, florescent lighting;(2x) lighting tubes mounted on top of the enclosure and shines onto the workspace). 12” diameter exhaust port on top of the hood connects to the house exhaust system; functions to remove volatile contaminants from the hood interior.

The fume hood features two (2) panels immediately to the left and right of the sash/workspace. Perchloric fume hood includes two (2x) base cabinets, which are accessible just below the airfoil. On the left, a standard base cabinet features storage space. Dimensions of this cabinet are 36” [914mm] in Height, 22” [559mm] in Depth, and 30.00” [762mm] in Width. On the right, a Corrosive(*) base cabinet is featured with the same dimensions as the cabinet on the left.

Removable covers on the left and right sides of the fume hood facilitate access to plumbing connections and general access for maintenance personnel.

(*) Safety Notice: Perchloric Acid should not be stored in the Corrosive base cabinet

Additional features include:
  • 120V Duplex electrical outlet with Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) on top of the enclosure and on the bottom of the left-side and right-side panels
  • External Width: 83.94” [2132mm]
  • External Depth: 35.45” [900mm]
  • Internal Height: 47.48” [1206mm]

Sliding Sash

Superstructure Material

Stainless Steel





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