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Open Face Spectrometer Enclosure

The Open Face Spectrometer Enclosure is designed to ensure personnel safety and create an optimal working environment for handling powder substances. It features an acrylic superstructure with white acrylic back panels and plenums, allowing easy access to the workspace. The enclosure is equipped with removable draft shields, providing flexibility based on specific requirements.

To contain spills effectively, the enclosure incorporates a black phenolic base, which offers stability and can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed. Acrylic viewing panels and an LED lighting system with adjustable intensity ensure excellent visibility within the workspace.

Safety is prioritized with integrated features such as an airflow velocity alarm to maintain proper air circulation and double safe waste chutes on both sides for secure disposal. The enclosure also includes a minihelic gauge for monitoring air pressure and a top-mount fan with an ULPA carbon filter, ensuring efficient air filtration.

In summary, the Open Face Spectrometer Enclosure provides a secure and well-illuminated workspace for personnel working with powder substances. Its versatile design includes removable draft shields, a stable phenolic base, and features that promote safety, such as airflow monitoring and waste disposal mechanisms.


  • 36” Width
  • 37” Depth
  • 32” Height





Nicolet™ iS50 FTIR Spectrometer

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