Mobius Light-Filtering Enclosure Suite

The Mobius Reactor Anti-Light Contamination Enclosure Suite designed to provide personnel
protection while working with powder (light-sensitive below 450 nm wave length) and liquid substances.
Designed to work with a Mobius Reactor with Chemglass vessel.
Enclosure features a polypropylene superstructure with light-filtering acrylic panels,
On the left, enclosure suite features integrated FS1650 velocity alarm, 3-position light switch,
White and Yellow (590 nm wavelength) light color options,  junction box with (2x) duplex outlets, (9x) iris ports,
50” (W) x 23” (D), 16.625” (H) stainless steel sink with 1.5” sanitary fitting for drain, and
waste chute. Also features slotted acrylic panel with deflectors in enclosure interior.
Powder coated table with leveling pads included.
On the right, enclosure suite features polypropylene superstructure with light
-filtering acrylic panels. Enclosure features front door with gas shocks and (4x) removable sliding doors,
integrated FS1650 velocity alarm, minihelic gauge, color options are White and Yellow (590 nm
wave length), junction box with (2x) duplex outlets, (2x) 20” W x 20” H access door, (4x) 2” iris
ports on left side, (4x) 3” iris ports on right side.
External Width: 103”
External Depth: 45”
Internal Height: 37” (left), 79” (right)
FSI Category 10+




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